Legendary Life's “Live Your Legend” Project:
Legendary Life is launching the “Live Your Legend” project. We will be traveling the world starting in 2019 filming in-person, in-depth interviews with members of our Legendary Life community. 

Legendary Life wants to bring attention to how various people from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life have identified and are pursuing their Personal Legends. 

For these interviews we are looking for people who feel like they embody Legendary Life’s credo “Live Your Legend”. We believe these stories will serve to inspire and educate the Legendary Life community. 

In addition to interviewing the people well on their way to “Living Their Legends” we also want to talk to the people in our community who feel like they may be struggling to uncover and / or pursue their Personal Legends. 

The Legendary Life family is committed to use this project as a vehicle to help put as many people as possible from our community on track to “Live Their Legend”.

Complete the application to be considered today! All applicants will receive a personal follow-up from the Legendary Life team.
Legendary Life's mission is to inspire people to uncover, pursue and realize their personal legends.
What is a "Personal Legend"? 
Our lives become happier, more fulfilling and more successful when we are more in tune with our Personal Legends. 

Legendary Life was created to support you in your journey to uncover, pursue and realize your Personal Legends. 
Always keep the Legendary Life motto in mind 
“Live Your Legend”
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